'kalp'​ means to invigorate or to transform

Let us help you 'datakalp' your enterprise

Our Expertize

Computer Vision

Real-time safety alarms
Security alarms / audit
Foot-fall heatmap from CCTV
Manufacturing defects detection
. . .
Sensors Intell

Insights from IoT Sensors
Machine fault prognostics
Vibration analytics
Optimal process control
. . .
Text Mining

Document Clustering
Document Classification
Sentiment Analysis
Topic and Trend Mining
Named Entity Recognition
. . .
Statistical Analysis

Market-basket Analysis
Market Segmentation
Propensity Analysis
Hypothesis Testing
. . .

Machine Learning Services

ML Audit

Does your ML model have a hidden bias?
Is your code optimized to save on your cloud bill?

We can assess your existing machine-learning systems, and suggest specific changes to make it more robust.

We can also make your existing ML model more transparent, so that you can trust its predictions.
ML Strategy

We can help you craft a robust strategy to leverage the power of maching learning to realize your business vision.
ML Consultation

We can help you with specific requirements. Examples:

Build a machine-learning model to address your specific needs

Determine the data requirements for building a proposed ML solution

Guide your team to make important choices along your ML journey
ML Coaching

We can conduct customized machine-learning workshops for your team


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