Our Expertize

Computer Vision

Real-time safety alarms
Security alarms / audit
Foot-fall heatmap from CCTV
Manufacturing defects detection
. . .
Sensors Intell

Insights from IoT Sensors
Machine fault prognostics
Vibration analytics
Optimal process control
. . .
Text Mining

Document Clustering
Document Classification
Sentiment Analysis
Topic and Trend Mining
Named Entity Recognition
. . .
Statistics & Operations

Market-basket Analysis
Market Segmentation
Propensity Analysis
Hypothesis Testing
. . .

Machine Learning Services

ML on contract

Leverage ML / AI to address your specific business need

Flexible deployment; on device | on premise | on cloud

We stay with you post deployment to ensure our code keeps working the way its supposed to
ML Strategy

How to ‘unlock’ the power of ML for your business?

Should you build ML in-house, or outsource it?

Should you use cloud, or keep your data on premise?
ML Consultation

Is a proposed ML solution feasible? Alternatives?

How can you make ML models more transparent and trustworthy?

Guide your team to make important choices along your ML journey
ML Coaching

We can conduct customized machine-learning workshops for your team

Who are we

We are a bunch of "data geeks" with 30+ years of multi-domain, deep-tech experience in delivering the promise of data and AI. Our diverse experience across domains like Manufacturing, Energy, Health Care, Logistics, Media, Retail etc uniquely enable us to leverage cross-pollination of ideas and quickly craft the 'perfect' solution for your unique needs. We are led by Dr Kalpit Desai, a renowned AI practitioner with 12+ years of experience post PhD. As of June 2019 we are 6 full-time + a few contract employees; poised to grow to double digits in a few months.

Kalpit Photo CEO, Chief Data Scientist

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Office: 1st floor, Cowork Cafe, #28, opp. Kanua restaurant, Kaikondrahalli, Bangalore - 560035

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