Algorithm experts, harnessing the power of data and AI for a better tomorrow.

Our Leadership


Dr. Kalpit Desai

Founder, CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Kalpit has 14+ years of industry experience post PhD from the UNC-Chapel Hill USA. Passionate about people, data and algorithms. Known to build high-performance “data” teams and innovative products in organizations ranging from a 3-people pre-seed startup to a 400k strong global conglomerate. Ex GE Research, Bidgely, Tally Analytics.


Jayesh Jain

Head – Enterprise Digital Solutions Development & Sales

Jayesh brings 15 years of rich experience in developing technology and products at varying setups from global conglomerates to an agile start-up. Known to solve problems by “Making complex simple” using the power of People & Digital. Ex IISc, GE, Lennox


Payal Shah

CO-Founder & CFO

Payal has done MBA in Finance and has 3+ years and industry experience in banking and insurance sector. Ex KSBM, ICICI-Prudential.

Our Team

Anirudh Marniganti

Sr. Software Engineer. Performance hacker with GPU. Anirudh brings with him years of experience at GE Research and Netradyne. Our own IITian

Aswin Prabhakaran

AI all rounder. Aspires to solve the demanding real world problems using the power of data. His hands are always dirty with data. Ex Oracle.

Vishal Vanam

Data Scientist who is usually spotted messing around with data, numbers and scanned text pages. Local guide for PGs, eateries, and site seeing.

Vedant Neekhra

Driven by the passion for data science, I explore various domains in data science itself which include predictive modeling, black-box optimization, computer vision, and Reinforcement Learning. Also, I am proficient in programming languages like Python, C++, and Javascript

Kinshuk Gupta

Data science enthusiast, with experience in working on model optimization with TensorRT. I enjoy exploring solutions of real-world problems with data.

Himanshu Mittal

Full-stack data scientist, who loves to solve real world problems with the power of artificial intelligence. Contributed in 20+ projects, always up to date with AI research.

Prashant Dubey

Saas Sales Engineer, Focused on Business Strategy, Product & Operational Excellence, B2B Growth and Strategy. Passionate about Startups. Ex- CEO and CO-Founder of

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