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Our Differentiation


Data Lovers

We are experts in going on a date with 'data', and harnessing the power of machine learning.


Algorithm Experts

We strive to build our algorithms from ground-up instead of relying on third-party closed-source APIs. The resulting deeply flexible technology stack makes our offerings uniquely versatile.


Holistic Systems

We build holistic systems that leverage all types of relevant data for a given problem, for example - video, audio, images, sensor waveforms, tables, networks etc. This uniquely enables us in building the most effective solution for a given problem.


50+ years Experience

Multi-domain experience with AI; leverage cross-pollination of concepts from one domain to another.

Awards and Achievement

Promising StartUp

Defence India StartUp Chanllenge

Karnataka Elevete - II



Dr. Surendra Sharma


Regional Team Leader

Dr. Deepak Balani


Chief of Medical Services @Sakra World Hospital

Our healthcare professionals have provided very positive feedback of SafeHands effectiveness and utility in improving compliance to the hand-washing process in a positive, non-intrusive manner. Based on our review of the SafeHands demonstration, we are convinced that it substantially reinforces compliance to systematic step-by-step hand-washing and thereby has potential to minimize hospital acquired infections. I believe this has applications far beyond clinical care-areas and may potentially be used wherever hand-washing be required.

Indrayudh Ghoshal


Founder @ScribbleData

Kalpit and his team at Datakalp have been excellent partners for Scribble Data. in tackling a variety of data science problems. Their depth of understanding of each problem, as well as their thought-throughness, pragmatism and attention to detail were key in building production-ready data models, and we appreciated not just their diligence, but also their sense of working together with their clients as a team to deal with challenges that would crop up.

Our Leadership


Dr. Kalpit Desai

Founder, CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Kalpit has 14+ years of industry experience post PhD from the UNC-Chapel Hill USA. Passionate about people, data and algorithms. Known to build high-performance “data” teams and innovative products in organizations ranging from a 3-people pre-seed startup to a 400k strong global conglomerate. Ex GE Research, Bidgely, Tally Analytics.


Jayesh Jain

Head – Enterprise digital solutions development & Sales

Jayesh brings 15 years of rich experience in developing technology and products at varying setups from global conglomerates to an agile start-up. Known to solve problems by “Making complex simple” using the power of People & Digital. Ex IISc, GE, Lennox.

Our Advisors


Sundara Nagarajan

Business Advisor
MD, Innovation Scaleup Advisors

Sundara has 28+ years of experience in IT Industry. 8+ years coaching tech entrepreneurs. Ex HP, Philips, Wipro, BlueFont, NetApp.


Dr. Nagendra Swamy

Healthcare Domain Advisor
Founder, Chairman - MediSync Health Mgmt Svc Pvt Ltd

Dr. Nagendra has 30+ years of experience in Healthcare management with various National and International Organizations in senior managerial & Board positions.

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