AI-driven Innovation for holistic Health, Safety, and Wellness.

Our Leadership


Dr. Kalpit Desai

Founder, CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Kalpit has 14+ years of industry experience post PhD from the UNC-Chapel Hill USA. Passionate about people, data and algorithms. Known to build high-performance “data” teams and innovative products in organizations ranging from a 3-people pre-seed startup to a 400k strong global conglomerate. Ex GE Research, Bidgely, Tally Analytics.


Jayesh Jain

Head – Enterprise Digital Solutions Development & Sales

Jayesh brings 15 years of rich experience in developing technology and products at varying setups from global conglomerates to an agile start-up. Known to solve problems by “Making complex simple” using the power of People & Digital. Ex IISc, GE, Lennox.

Our Advisors


Sundara Nagarajan

Business Advisor
MD, Innovation Scaleup Advisors

Sundara has 28+ years of experience in IT Industry. 8+ years coaching tech entrepreneurs. Ex HP, Philips, Wipro, BlueFont, NetApp.


Dr. Nagendra Swamy

Healthcare Domain Advisor
Founder, Chairman - MediSync Health Mgmt Svc Pvt Ltd

Dr. Nagendra has 30+ years of experience in Healthcare management with various National and International Organizations in senior managerial & Board positions.

Our Team

Amol Goel

Amol is a highly skilled technology professional with a Bachelor's degree in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. With a strong passion for data and nearly 7 years of experience working with it, he is a valuable asset to the Datakalp team. At Datkalp, Amol is responsible for developing advanced computer vision models, managing machine learning processes, and ensuring the smooth operation of data management systems.

Prashant Dubey

Prashant loves transforming complex data sets into actionable insights. At Datkalp, he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the data operations team and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the company's data assets.He boasts a remarkable track record of establishing and maintaining robust relationships with clients, consistently delivering exceptional customer service and support that leads to their success.

Arihant Jain

Arihant is a highly skilled data operations professional with a proven track record of success in transforming raw data into valuable insights. He is an enthusiastic learner who is passionate about utilizing his expertise in data operations to drive positive outcomes for his clients.

Manas Mehta

Manas, as a Machine Learning Research enthusiast, is not only deeply passionate about his work but is also committed to gaining valuable experience in the field. At Datakalp, he seizes every opportunity to learn and grow, constantly expanding his knowledge and skillset. He assumes the vital role of enhancing computer vision-related tasks, and overseeing machine learning processes. His enthusiasm for research in these fields is evident in his commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and driving innovation within the organization.

Ranjitha Khati

Ranjitha is an ambitious and motivated Data Operations analyst with a passion for utilizing data to drive positive business outcomes. She is eager to gain hands-on experience in the field.

Aanish Paruchuri

Software Development-Consultant.

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